Higher Level Teaching Assistants Certificate (RQF) Level 4


Why choose the Higher Level Teaching Assistants (RQF) Level 4 Certificate?

If you already work in a school as a teaching assistant, you will find this comprehensive course covers all the skills and knowledge you need to progress your career and apply for work as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant.

You will learn how to keep children safe from harm, how they should develop, what to do if they develop differently from other children, and how to maintain positive relationships with children. You will also learn how to support children with SEN, how to promote and encourage inclusivity and equality, and will learn how to promote positive behaviour in children.

This course is a thorough grounding in all the most important higher level knowledge and skills required to support children in their education. It covers how to plan, monitor, and deliver lessons for children across the age and ability range, and will enable you to help them achieve more through careful monitoring and analysis of their progress.

If you are keen on progressing your career, frustrated that you can’t help the children and young people you work with in the ways they currently need, or if you want to increase your salary level, this Level 4 Certificate for Higher Level Teaching Assistants (RQF) is a great way to evidence your dedication, commitment to your career, and, of course, your many skills.

What’s the deal with the work placement?

To complete the Higher Level Teaching Assistants (RQF) Level 4 Certificate, you are required to complete at least 50 hours of a work placement in a school. This is a compulsory part of the course, but can be voluntary or paid, so if you already work as a teaching assistant in a school, you will already be doing some of this work. You will be responsible for arranging your own placement, so if you aren’t currently employed in a relevant role, you should look into placement opportunities as soon as possible.

Modules for this course

Unit 1: Professional Knowledge and Development for Higher Level Teaching Assistants

On completion of this unit you will:

  • Understand what a Higher Level Teaching Assistant is and what is required of a Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Understand the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements for Higher Level Teaching Assistants
  • Understand how to work as a team member and identify opportunities for working with colleagues, managing their work where appropriate and sharing the development of effective practice with them

Unit 2: Child Development and Wellbeing 

On completion of this unit you will:

  • Understand the different stages of child development
  • Understand the factors that can influence and affect children’s development and how these practice
  • Understand how to recognise and respect the contribution that parents and carers can make to the development and wellbeing of children and young people
  • Understand how frameworks that support the development and wellbeing of children and young people impact upon their practice

Unit 3: Supporting Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs   

On completion of this unit you will:

  • Understand how to support learners in accessing the curriculum in accordance with the special educational needs (SEN) code of practice and disabilities legislation
  • Understand how to promote equality, diversity and inclusion when working with children and young people
  • Understand how to support children and young people with learning difficulties
  • Know and understand the special educational needs for learners with sensory and/or physical needs
  • Understand how to support children and young people with English as an additional language

Unit 4: Promoting children and Young Peoples Positive Behaviour

On completion of this unit you will:

  • Understand the policies and procedures for promoting positive behaviour
  • Be able to promote the positive values and attitudes and behaviour expected from children and young people
  • Be able to respond to inappropriate and challenging behaviour from children and young people
  • Be able to contribute to reviews of behaviour and behaviour policies

Unit 5: Working with Individual and Groups of Learners

On completion of this unit you will:

  • Understand ways of working with individuals and small groups

Unit 6: Positive Working Relationships

On completion of this unit you will:

  • Be able to communicate effectively and sensitively with children, young people, colleagues, parents and carers

Unit 7: Curriculum Planning, Monitoring, Delivery and Assessment

On completion of this unit you will:

  • Be able to teach challenging, well-organised lessons across the age and ability range
  • Be able to use ICT skills to advance learning
  • Be able to use an appropriate range of strategies for setting learning objectives and monitoring progress and attainment
  • Be able to maintain and analyse records of learners’ progress


Although this course does not require any formal qualifications, work placement of at least 50 hours or more during the course is compulsory. The purpose of the work placement is for you and your assessor to gather evidence of the practical application of your newly acquired knowledge and skills. It’s great if you know the information, but the best way you can show it is by demonstrating your work.

Please note, your work placement must take place in a school, so if you currently work in a nursery, pre-school, afterschool club, holiday club, college, university, or any other environment, you will have to find an alternative work placement elsewhere. None of those settings listed here are appropriate for your work placement.


You’ll get a question paper at the end of each lesson, and this should take you around 1-2 hours to complete. These papers, once marked by your assessor, will enable your tutor to continually monitor your progress and provide help and advice where needed. The course is estimated to require around 110 hours of study time in total.

Qualification number: 60185338

To gain the qualification you will need to successfully complete all the units in the course.
Please note: Online access is required in order to complete this course.

This certificate, the Focus Awards Level 4 Certificate for Higher Level Teaching Assistants (RQF) will give learners the ability to analyse and address the different challenges that classroom assistants are likely to encounter. Upon completion learners will receive a RQF recognised certificate, qualification number = 60185338.

Developing your career

How can I follow up my Higher Level Teaching Assistants (RQF) Level 4 Certificate?

If you aren’t currently employed as a teaching assistant, this course will enable you to apply for Higher Level Teaching Assistant roles and access a supervisory position and a good salary.  The presence of this qualification on your CV will make it far more likely that you will be called to interview, because it denotes a certain skill level, competency, and your potential employers will be able to see immediately that you are dedicated and committed to your work.

The skills you learn in your Higher Level Teaching Assistants (RQF) Level 4 Certificate will mean you can fully support the teachers and other teaching assistants you work with, as well as the children in your care. You will now be able to lead a class, teach lessons, set learning objectives, and increase your responsibilities at work.

If you feel you would like to study more, you may want to take a relevant Level 5 qualification, or if you now have a taste for teaching, you could go on to apply to university and enrol on a PGCE. Teaching and assessment can lead to a wide range of opportunities at training and education providers, and you may find you become more interested in coaching, assessment, or youth work, in the future, rather than just sticking to working in schools.

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Further Information

Course ref: 60185338

Course starts: Anytime

Guided Learning Hours: 110

Level: 4

Modules: 7

Technical requirements


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